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letter meme
hello sweetie
Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter. Then, go to your journal and post ten things you love starting with that letter. Give your friends letters, too.

loves_glamour gave me 'O' to do.  Boy was that difficult.  I went from things I love to just random 'O' words.  Forgive me.

1) Oranges- I just love oranges.  I don’t think they are my favorite fruit but they are close.  There is nothing better that a good orange; all that sweet juicy goodness.  Yummm.  But then there is nothing worse than a bad orange.  You are expecting something sweet and you get a lemon masquerading as an orange.
I don’t care to much for the color orange though, reminds me too much of work.  (I work at The Home Depot.  For those of you who don’t know THD is the largest home improvement chain in the US(stores also in Canada, Mexico and China) Their main color is orange.)

2) Orcas- Such a better thing to call them than killer whales.  They are so beautiful and majestic.  I am lucky enough to live near an area where they make their home.  You can take whale watching cruises all summer long.

3) On line- I spend way to much time on line.  Back when AOL was a big thing I used to spend a lot of time on line then that got boring.  Trying to find a decent conversation in a chat room was next to impossible.  Now I am back to spending too much time online again.
Darn lj.  j/k

4) Overcast- It has been overcast the last couple of days teasing us that is was going to rain(which it did spit a little yesterday).  June in Washington is supposed to be wet.  My water bill is going to be sky high because of watering the garden.

5) Operation- I am 45 and never had an operation until this past March.  I had laproscopic surgery to remove a cyst on my right ovary.  Or so they thought.  Turns out after they got in there they found out that it was on the fallopian tube.  They took out the cyst(which was the size of a softball) and the fallopian tube.  Thank goodness the ovaries where OK.  I do not want to take hormones.  And thank goodness for laproscopic surgery.  I was home only 8 days then back to work.

6) Ovary- This is sort of a back door from the one above.  Just an interesting factoid that I didn’t know.  Once again something we have two of when in fact we only need one to give us ladies the hormones we need until menopause.  So if you ever have to have surgery make sure they leave at least one. 

7) Outdoors(the)- I love the outdoors.  Washington is a state where you can find mountains, forests, ocean, desert, just about anything you could want.  My brother and I tent camp, so much better than an RV.  We can go places an rv can’t.  The biggest trip we took was in 2006.  We hit 10 states(Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Washington-not in that order of course), 7 National Parks including- Brice Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone(2nd visit),  National Monuments- Devils Tower and Natural Bridges and a National Memorial- Mt. Rushmore.  We put on over 5600 miles in 23 days.  What a blast that was.  Took 27 rolls of film(yes we still use film)

8) Optimism- Something I try to strive for every day.  Why would you want to go around and think the worst about everything.  You might as well stay at home in bed.  I thank you not to ruin my day with your dreariness.

9) One Boy, One Girl by Colin Raye- One of my favorite country songs.  I always thought that this was a good song for Mulder and Scully.  Funny I used to listen to songs and how they could apply to them.  Then it was Sara and Grissom on CSI.  Now it is the Doctor and Donna.  I haven’t had many ships.  This is maybe because I don’t watch that much TV.  Yeah, I am weird.

10) Orphan- Are you still called an orphan if you lose your parents after you have long been grown up?  If so that would be me.  My father passed away when I was 8 and my mother nine years ago. 

Boy, ‘O’ was a hard letter for me.  Hope you don’t find it too boring.
Cheers to all.

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First of all... *hugs* So sorry about your parents. I don't know if they technically call grown people orphans but honestly? I don't know how you could possibly keep from feeling like one, no matter how old you are. *hugs again*

Ooo, O would definitely be a tough letter but I think you did a great job with it! That was very interesting to read! :D I can definitely understand you not being thrilled with the color orange; Home Depot is very orange, isn't it? ;)

I'll take a letter, if you'd like to give me one! :D Though I won't probably be able to do this meme until after I'm done with the 8 days of happiness meme I have going. ;) *one more hug for the road* ;) ♥!

Thanks for all the hugs. *gives you BIG hug in return*

And yes, HD is VERY orange.

So, whenever you get to it I will give you the letter 'L'. That shouldn't be too difficult.

*gives another hug* ♥♥

Thanks! :D I've written this all down in my handy-dandy "Wait, what meme did I mean to do?" list so I won't forget! :D

*goes ahead and starts pondering things she loves that starts with an L...* ;) *hugs* ♥!

You can go whale watching? How awesome!

I admire your optimism. I'm a bit of a pessimist and a worrier, but I'd love to be more cheery and look on the bright side more often. Maybe I'll try to take a leaf out of you book!

I'm sorry about your parents, I can't imagine what that would be like *hugs you*

Go on then, gimme a letter =)

Oh, don't get me wrong, I do worry. It's those that worry for no reason.

I would be happy to give you a leaf. ;)

Thank you for your condolences. It is hard sometimes even after such a long time. *gives you hugs in return*

And now for your letter- how 'bout 'T'? Go for it!

Ooh, just found this reply - think you must have accidentally posted as a comment rather than a reply, so I didn't get an email about it - and I shall get right on it =D

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