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heat wave
hello sweetie
OMG, I cannot believe it.  I live in Northern Western Washington State where we may get one, maybe two days of 90 degree weather for the whole summer.  We have had two weeks straight of 80 degree weather.  Monday and Tuesday were 90's and when I came home today it was 102!!!!!!  O_O  I just can't take the heat.  And at work it is so humid I think it is going to rain inside the store.  And we still have August to get through yet.  I don't want to think about what the weather is going to be like.

*is melting into a puddle as I write this*

There is no Global Warming.  Yeah, right.

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I feel for you - it was 108 here. Which is actually only a little higher than normal, but still unacceptable! :)

The fact that the high today, 103, was just 5 degrees less than you who is in Arizona boggles my mind. The temps in Eastern Washington were actually lower than over here. O_O

Seriously?? Global warming, man. :)

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